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Lost & Waiting | A genre-bending adventure story


A genre-bending Chilean adventure

The discovery of a Victorian journal sets in motion a high-octane adventure fusing past, present and myth.

When Evangeline comes across a Victorian plant hunter’s journal at Kew, it is the sign she’s been waiting for. Its author, Edwin ‘Chile’ Morgan, claims to have discovered a living myth:  the World Tree. Morgan’s words share life lessons and reflections on the natural world, offering Evangeline a way to overcome the grief of a stillbirth.

With journal in hand, Evangeline sets off to Chile on a journey in search of the tree at the centre of all: heaven, life and the afterlife. In her way are an unprincipled pharmaceutical multinational, an oil company set on deforestation, and an enigmatic art aficionado whose interest in her takes an unsettling turn.

Advance Praise

Out now in paperback and ebook

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Watch trailer and readings below.

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