1. Finish my manuscript!
    • Q3 Update: four beta-readers have given feedback. See #4 below. Other than that, I’m allowing myself time away from the manuscript and don’t intend to go back to it seriously until next year.
  2. I will query up to five agents per month. By the end of the second month of pitching, I will return to editing the manuscript, and repeat.
    • Q3 Update: In light of the above (#1) I’ve only approached 1-2 more agents.
  3. Write two short stories
    • Q3 Update: All summer, I’ve been going great guns on short stories. Absolutely loving it. I’ve submitted a few to competitions.
  4. Investigate online/local writing communities writing in magic realism/myth/folklore genres (I’ve come across many in the Fantasy genre, but they just doesn’t sit right with me). Consider setting up something myself, if I don’t find what I need.
    • Q3 Update: A writer on an online forum posted a request to workshop her magic realism manuscript and the Ficciones virtual writing group was born. We’ve been going since late Spring and share ~5k sections of our manuscripts every fortnight.
  5. Improve my writing: 
    1. Reading: to read all the unread books of my To Be Read (TBR) pile, seek out new authors, new genres, and set an ambitious challenge on Goodreads (70). I find I analyse the book more when I write a review (not just the one-liners to remind me what the book was about), so I aim to do more (min. 2 per month) – it’s also a good way of maintaining my Twitter presence. Re-read some books which I found challenging (but enjoyable). To finish Moby Dick (not in the least enjoyable).
      • Q3 Update: For various reasons, my TBR list has grown massively.
      • I’ve continued interacting with a Goodreads group, and have received recommendations for a whole raft more books.
      • I’ve joined Net Galley and receive advance reader copies of some amazing books by favourite authors, including Helen Oyeyemi and Scarlett Thomas, as well as being introduced to new authors.
  6. Investigate further training. Things I’ve struggled (am still struggling) with are the ending (CBC has a course for that), and characterisation.
    • Q3 Update: Attended
      • Novel Nights half-day Masterclass in Short Stories (tutor: Tom Vowler)
      • Wild Inside: More Folk Tales in New Fiction (Zoe Gilbert) LondonLitLab (full-day workshop)
  7. Plan and research for next manuscript.
    • Update: nothing to report
  8. Reassert my Tuesdays and Fridays as Writing Days.
    • Update: Tuesdays are the day for writing, plus the weekend.

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