1. Finish my manuscript!
    • Q2 Update: As of 16 Jun 2019, three beta-readers have given feedback. I’m addressing their comments – slowly.
  2. I will query up to five agents per month. By the end of the second month of pitching, I will return to editing the manuscript, and repeat.
    • Q2 Update: After Q1 I’ve not approached any further agents. I’m going to wait until my manuscript has taken on board the beta-readers’ comments.
  3. Improve my writing: 
    1. Reading: to read all the unread books of my To Be Read (TBR) pile, seek out new authors, new genres, and set an ambitious challenge on Goodreads (70). I find I analyse the book more when I write a review (not just the one-liners to remind me what the book was about), so I aim to do more (min. 2 per month) – it’s also a good way of maintaining my Twitter presence. Re-read some books which I found challenging (but enjoyable). To finish Moby Dick (not in the least enjoyable).
      • Update: Making real inroads on my existing TBRs.
      • I had a Mr B’s Emporium reading spa which introduced me to the books by nearly twenty authors new to me – all picked especially to suit my tastes.
      • I’ve also be more active on a Goodreads group, through which I’ve been introduced to new books and (sub-)genres.
      • I’ve already exceeded my target, mainly thanks to Audible, which allows me to read while driving.
  4. Investigate further training. Things I’ve struggled (am still struggling) with are the ending (CBC has a course for that), and characterisation.
      • Update: Completed Creative Writing Ink online course Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing. Attended two Novel Nights half-day Masterclasses (i) Writing & Place (tutor: Tyler Keevil); (ii) Dialogue and Scene Building (tutor: Christopher Wakeling)
    1. Write 2 short stories
      • Update: I didn’t manage to finish my short story in time to submit for the local competition I had in mind. I have now written it, and have a couple of competitions in mind for it. I’ve enjoyed writing the story so much I want to concentrate on short stories for the next few months.
    2. Investigate online/local writing communities writing in magic realism/myth/folklore genres (I’ve come across many in the Fantasy genre, but they just doesn’t sit right with me). Consider setting up something myself, if I don’t find what I need.
  5. Plan and research for next manuscript.
    • Update: Other than a vague attempt at setting up folders on Scrivener, no update
  6. Reassert my Tuesdays and Fridays as Writing Days.
    • Update: Tuesdays are the day for writing, plus the weekend.

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