1. Finish my manuscript!
    • Update: As of 31 Jan 2019, I’m at beta-reading stage.
  2. I will query up to five agents per month. By the end of the second month of pitching, I will return to editing the manuscript, and repeat.
    • Update: I’ve compiled a spreadsheet of potential agents. Queries: Feb – 5; Mar – 4 (so far).
  3. Improve my writing: 
    1. Reading: to read all the unread books of my To Be Read (TBR) pile, seek out new authors, new genres, and set an ambitious challenge on Goodreads (70). I find I analyse the book more when I write a review (not just the one-liners to remind me what the book was about), so I aim to do more (min. 2 per month) – it’s also a good way of maintaining my Twitter presence. Re-read some books which I found challenging (but enjoyable). To finish Moby Dick (not in the least enjoyable).
      • Update: Doing pretty well on my existing TBRs. Really in clover with the new authors I’ve discovered (through reading favourite author interviews; keeping up with award nominations, eg. Man Booker International; and listening to reading/writing podcasts). New genres?? Not so sure. Yes, I’ve posted my 2 x per month Goodreads reviews to Twitter. I re-read the JCO (Hazards of Time Travel), now need to re-read Marlon James (Black Leopard Red Wolf). Moby Dick!! What a revelation. In the past, I tried and tried again with it, but it was only when I listened on Audible that it took hold of me – from zero to hero.
    2. Investigate further training. Things I’ve struggled (am still struggling) with are the ending (CBC has a course for that), and characterisation.
    3. Write 2 short stories
      • Update: this is the main reason for this quarter’s update – I need a deadline for motivation. I’m going to submit a short to a local competition. I’ve not written it yet, but I have a title and a concept. I hope it will also cleanse me of my manuscript, in order that I can move on.
    4. Investigate online/local writing communities writing in magic realism/myth/folklore genres (I’ve come across many in the Fantasy genre, but they just doesn’t sit right with me). Consider setting up something myself, if I don’t find what I need.
      • Update: I’m reluctant to initiate something myself because I don’t really know what it is, I want. However, I have come across an online workshopping forum (I’ve researched it thoroughly) which offers one-month free trial.
  4. Plan and research for next manuscript.
    • Update: no update
  5. Reassert my Tuesdays and Fridays as Writing Days.
    • Update: Tuesdays are the day for writing, plus the weekend.

Further update on my resolutions here.

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