The Science of Storytelling

by Will Storr

Essential resource for writers of fiction.

Storr writes in an engaging and informative way, effectively interpreting the science for the layperson. He draws on research by story theorists, mythologists, anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, neuroscientists, biologists and social genomicists to explain how stories work. Each point is amply demonstrated with examples from literature, film, TV and computer games.

Just some of the topics covered by The Science of Storytelling include:
How to construct sentences for greater impact
The importance of metaphor and simile
The writer-reader relation
Character motivation
The beginning, middle and end.

Appendices give exercises to help draft your manuscript.

I highlighted so many passages and will come back to this book again and again.

A fascinating read.

Thank you NetGalley and publisher HarperCollins for the ARC.

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