My writing is influenced by mythology; the tales we tell ourselves, why we create myths, how we respond to the myths we hear. 


Trees, plant diversity, human-plant interaction, climate change, the environment, mythology, linguistics, writer-reader interaction.

I love to read

Fiction (short and long): magic realism, myth, folklore, weird fiction, metafiction, off-kilter realities, genre-bending, genre-defying, thrills, spills, adventure, frontier fiction, lost worlds, inner worlds, strong plots, stronger women, playful language, wit, wisdom, irreverence 

Non-fiction: botany, evolution, biogeography, plant diversity, nature, linguistics, the art of creative writing, the psychology of creative writing, story theory, why we tell myths, feminist understanding of myths and fairytales.

Favourite authors include…

Angela Carter, Helen Oyeyemi, Silvina Ocampo, Joyce Carol Oates, Carmen Maria Machado, Irenosen Okojie.

I’m always on the look-out for new favourites to add to this list.

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