My writing is influenced by mythology, plants and ripping yarns. For me, one of the most positive uses of social media is as a source of paintings, photographs, illustrations that I may not have otherwise come across.

When I do happen across an image that inspires me, I save a copy. For creative writing, I use the writers’ software tool Scrivener ( This allow me to display the picture alongside my text. Of course, a simple alternative is to have a ‘mood board’ on your wall, where you pin your pictures.

Below are a selection of my influences.


Authors influencing my writing:

Isabel Allende

Margaret Atwood

Angela Carter

Neil Gaiman

H Rider Haggard

Gabriel García Márquez

Haruki Murakami

Joyce Carol Oates


Favourite Books include

House of Leaves, Mark Z Danielewski

The Tin Drum, Günter Grass

Falling Angel, William Hjortsberg

The Odyssey, Homer

Perfume, Patrick Süskind


My Writing is Most Like:

Neil Gaiman

Scarlett Thomas



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